In the Innovation and Technology Festival for Primary School Students (The Festival), we brought to you the 9 themes including Artificial intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Big Data, Cloud Computing, AR/VR, Drones, Robotics, IoT and Open Data, a festival for students, teachers, parents, and principals to enjoy. List of innovative events embodies our core competence of imagination, problem-solving, creativity, logical reasoning, critical thinking and usage of data. We will provide a series of innovative exploration programmes to ignite the passion for deep rooted fun learning journey of students.

Through the joint efforts of more than 30 partners and units, we have developed 30+ unique and fantastic workshop and introductory seminars for you this year. Highlighted events include: The innovation technology booth display allows students and teachers to understand the principles and partial application of robot and drones technology, inspire young intelligence to become robotics engineer; booth showcase as a platform to display students’ works with dynamic learning solution of training partners for everyone to enjoy fun learning innovation and technology. You will surely be able to find some programmes that catch your interest. The Festival also paves the way for the eligible schools to apply the "Knowing More About IT" Programme implemented by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, which aims to enhance students' interests and knowledge in information technology and their applications through extra-curricular activities, so as to prepare them for integration into the knowledge-based economy and participation in the development of a digital society.