Important Notes
Teacher Workshop

<Due to the rapid deterioration of the Omicron mutant virus strain, the teacher workshop originally scheduled will be postponed.>
· Participants can participate in a maximum of 5 workshops
· Places will be reserved first for primary school teachers.
· Depending on the venue capacity and the number of applicants, applicants will have the opportunity to receive "one" or "two" workshops · All teacher workshops will not be conducted online
· Free registration fee
· All events are on a first-come, first-served basis
Student Workshops

· To encourage more schools to participate in the activity, each school can appoint no more than 8 students to participate, and no more than 5 students can participate in the same workshop
· Student information must be provided (e.g. full name in Chinese and English, class)
· Free registration fee

· No upper limit on the number of applicants
· Free registration fee
· Webinar will be conducted through online video conferencing software (such as: Zoom)

All Festival Activities

· Please provide the correct email address for account registration, the system will send the appointment notification to this email address. Please check both your inbox and spam
· All registration fees are free
· All events are on a first-come, first-served basis
· The organiser may set up a WhatsApp group to enhance communication
· Participants will receive a confirmation email about one week before the event. For enquiries, please email to or contact the organiser at 2989 9163
· Unless otherwise specified, all activities will be explained/taught in Cantonese
· Participants must cooperate with the anti-epidemic measures taken by the event venue. In the event venue, they must bring their own and wear surgical masks correctly and are strictly prohibited from eating and drinking
· It is recommended to use alcohol-based hand sanitizer to clean your hands every time you enter and leave each event venue
· In any case, the organiser reserves the right to make the final decision on the arrangement of the event
The Organiser reserves the right to cancel or cut short the Event for the following reasons:

Adverse weather conditions

Epidemics (including but not limited to COVID-19) and government policies on public gathering

Landslides, rock falls or hill fires along the event venue

Protests or blockage around the event venue

Force majeure i.e. due to occurrence of incidents that are beyond the control of the Organiser and which renders it impossible, unsafe or impractical to hold the event.

A force majeure event shall include, but is not limited to, act of God, war, hostilities, invasion, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, riot, commotion, strikes, go-slows, lock outs or disorder, outbreak of disease, acts or threats of terrorism.

The Organiser and its agents shall have the absolute discretion to use any photograph, video, or any other record of the Event for any lawful purposes including advertising and promotion of the event.

The personal data provided by participants may be disclosed to other organizations for the purposes mentioned above.